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This book not to be assumed on any religious belief or spiritualism. Guide for individual development with understanding of basic physical, mental and fundamental value of humans being. Once elaborated and convinced about it then it ventures into unexplored areas by most. Must read for every one believer in any religion, faith or non-believers even. All will be benefited. The rare book does not miss to read. --By Ashok Gyanchand on 10 September 2017

Must read ... Don't read further reviews just buy it and if u had seen Sadhguru all video on YouTube, I suggest u not to buy ... It's all copy from his speeches but I like his speeches so much that I can't resist myself buying this Beautiful book... I read it again n again. --ByJOYon 12 September 2017

I thought engineering is only related to physical world bcoz I an automobile engineer, but Sadhguru revealed another dimension so that engineering can be applied to our own body, I feel proud to be an Indian bcoz this inner engineering technology has been born here since ages, Sdhguru he himself is a reminder for us to go back and re-engineer ourselves. Excellent book. --ByAmazon Customer on 4 August 2017

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